Exhibition view , 'Hide and Seek', Tiemke Gauderis and Luc Hoekx, Kasteelstraat1, Watou, 2018.



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HIDE AND SEEK - duo expo with Luc Hoekx


21.10.18 - 18.11.18


This autumn's double exhibition 'Hide and Seek' is devoted to the works of Tiemke Gauderis and Luc Hoekx.


As autumn takes hold, attention is drawn to a mise-en-scene where 'appearing' and disappearing' are placed in the spotlight, where the exhibition as a whole transforms foreground and background as in a cinematic event, where the perception of the eye change and viewpoints seem to be moving.


A corner in a space is hidden between black and white hues, a framed image implies a feeling of presence and an enhanced hue suddenly reveals the which had previously been hidden. The initiative lays with the viewer: right and left edges of the image, horizontal and vertical lines at the front and sides cross each other. The scenes emerge gradually, 'hiding' or 'covering up' an only be done off-screen.

(Els Wuyts, september 2018)




Aalst, 17.01 - 23.03.19



Interview by Daan Rau in OKV 2017.2

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